Linda Eskind Rebrovick

Linda Eskind Rebrovick, a fourth generation Nashvillian from the Nashville Eskind family, is running for Mayor to build A Smarter Nashville by using technology and innovation.

Linda brings a unique perspective from 32 years as a business leader at some of the world's top technology companies (Dell, IBM and KPMG) and the past five years as CEO of Consensus Point right here in Nashville.

Linda values diversity and giving back to the community as a founding board member of Nashville Entrepreneur Center, Leadership Nashville, HealthStream, co-founder of Women Corporate Directors of Tennessee, and working with United Way, CABLE, and hundreds of local non-profits.

Linda and her husband, Art, are most proud of their 27-year-old twins, Leigh and Tripp.


These answers were provided by the candidate with word limits for each one.

What's the single, most important issue facing Nashville?

We must improve our mass transit system and cut down on traffic congestion. Nashville commuters spend $101 more on average than commuters in other cities due to traffic congestion alone. It wastes our time, pollutes our air and lowers our quality of life. I released a 13-page transit policy book that offers proven short-term, midterm and long-term solutions to keep us moving.

Could you identify the top three areas where Nashville needs to see change, and how you can help with the change?

The three areas that I look at as needing to see change are transit, education and infrastructure.

Transit: I've released a policy paper on how we can tackle our transit problems in the short-term, midterm and long-term. The short-term policies involve creating a smart grid so we can optimize the flow of traffic. In the midterm and long-term we need a reliable mass transit system and a regional solution. Visit to read my policy book.

Education: Students in Metro schools need to be prepared for college or a career. To do that we need to incorporate proven approaches. After school programs like Top Floor at Stratford have created tremendous improvements in college admissions and graduation rates. Every student in Nashville deserves access to programs like that.

Infrastructure: We need to make sure that Nashville has the backbone to grow. I'm committed to ensuring that we invest wisely to make sure we have it.

In what particular area do you stand out as a mayoral candidate? How will this serve you well as mayor?

I'm uniquely qualified to serve as mayor because I've led large organizations and oversaw large budgets. I started my career knocking on doors for IBM, selling computers to people who had never seen one before, and explaining their potential for creating more efficient and effective organizations. I rose to executive positions for three of the world's largest companies and have also served as CEO for a Nashville-based company.

I now want to use my skills and background to build a Nashville that's livable for all families. Additionally, my leadership style is focused on bringing everyone to the table to reach a consensus, not driving people apart.

Why should a young person in Nashville consider voting for you?

Nashville is at a crossroads. We can continue to prosper with smart growth, or we can mismanage our city and lose the momentum we've gained in recent years. Using innovation and proven solutions, I have a vision to keep Nashville on track and the leadership experience needed to follow through.

Who is your favorite music artist?

This is a toss-up between Ronnie Dunn (of Brooks & Dunn) and Carrie Underwood.

In the Press

These quotations were sourced from the candidate's comments through press and forums.

On Education:

"Although charter schools are a part of the larger solution, the discussion about charter schools cannot be a divisive debate between two competing sides, but must be elevated to focus on improving all Nashville public schools immediately."


On Public Transit:

“I am in full agreement we need efficient public transportation now and I have already started working on it. I released my Smarter Nashville Transportation Policy Paper which goes into considerably more detail on this topic and can be found here on my website:

"To make sure we begin implementing solutions as soon as possible into my term as Mayor, I commit to provide our Strategic Transportation Plan within 120 days of taking office or by the end of January 2016.

I’m embracing an ‘all of the above policy’ to make sure Nashville has a workable and efficient transit system. This means more opportunities to bike and walk, reliable mass transit, and a more efficient traffic grid. Other cities have decreased traffic time by 15% to 45% by building a smarter transportation networks with sensors. In the long term, we will build a sustainable regional transportation system with the Regional Mayors Caucus.”


On Affordable Housing:

“The Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency’s (MDHA) acceptance into the federal Rental Assistance Demonstration program will allow for the transition of affordable housing to Section 8 contracts. This means MDHA will be able to use private capital to rebuild and expand the amount of affordable and mixed-use housing developments throughout Nashville – both improving the quality of housing and giving the city greater flexibility in meeting housing needs.

We must also look for ways to create more density in select neighborhoods and communities, and we can do that with innovative approaches such as co-housing and micro-unit developments. These developments have debuted with promising results in other cities where developers have offered smaller units at affordable prices to residents who don’t want to maintain a large residence. I’ll also take an inventory of unused and underused Metro-owned property that could be used for affordable housing developments.”



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