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These answers were provided by the candidate with word limits for each one.

What's the single, most important issue facing Nashville?

Could you identify the top three areas where Nashville needs to see change, and how you can help with the change?

In what particular area do you stand out as a mayoral candidate? How will this serve you well as mayor?

Why should a young person in Nashville consider voting for you?

Who is your favorite music artist?

In the Press

These quotations were sourced from the candidate's comments through press and forums.

On Education:

"When candidates lament that talk of charter schools is 'hijacking' the education conversation, keep in mind that nine of the 10 top-performing middle schools, according to the school board's 2014 rubric, are charters. They are blowing the doors off."


On Education:

"Let’s boost traditional public schools to higher performance and encourage the formation of more successful nonprofit charter schools, with transportation provided, so all students can attend a great school regardless of their zip code."


On Public Transit:

"Having knocked on 40,000+ doors, we hear Nashvillians tell us that transportation is one of the top two concerns that could jeopardize our quality of life. I agree with that assessment and believe we should tackle the challenge by crowd-sourcing a solution. I am confident that by being inclusive and transparent, we can develop a transit vision and plan that our community will broadly support and fund. I am sure it will be a multi-modal approach, utilizing bus, sidewalks, bike paths and possibly light rail. In the meantime, there is some low hanging fruit -- we should replace our outmoded traffic signaling system on our most congested intersections, consider wider use of reversible lanes during rush hour, and improve our bus service with a greater number of routes (using smaller vehicles) and more circular routes."


On Affordable Housing:

“The velocity at which some of our neighborhoods are gentrifying is astounding, as we risk becoming victims of our own success. My focus on affordable housing pertains mostly to Nashville-area workers earning $15,000-$45,000 a year -- policemen, teachers, firefighters, health technicians, etc. We all want to be sure Nashville does not evolve into a socio-economically homogenous community. Davidson County will be at its best when there are housing opportunities for all income brackets. My administration will work with nonprofit organizations to ensure residents in aging homes get assistance to maintain their residences. Also, we should consider a more enhanced version of property tax freezes for residents in rapidly changing neighborhoods since no one wants fellow residents to be forced from their homes due to home price inflation. Finally, I am optimistic about the rental assistance demonstration (RAD) program, a federal program that seeks to preserve and improve public housing in mix.”



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