Charles Robert Bone

Charles Robert Bone is an entrepreneur, attorney, and business owner who has been active in community leadership and public service for more than two decades. He believes that Nashville is well positioned to build upon the progress, growth, and momentum of the last several years, and that we must proactively invest in our city in a fiscally responsible way that benefits each and every unique neighborhood and community within Davidson County.

Charles Robert's legal practice at Bone McAllester Norton PLLC focuses on the areas of mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance and advising emerging businesses, entrepreneurs, corporate offices and directors, and government entities. He has been consistently recognized by his peers as a Best Lawyer, Super Lawyer, and Best of the Bar.

In addition to his law practice, Charles Robert has been instrumental in developing several companies and creating jobs as an adviser, investor, and board member. An entrepreneur at heart, he is an integral part of a statewide program aimed at growing Tennessee based companies, and is also part of the ownership team of two of Nashville's most successful new restaurants.

A seventh generation Tennessean, Charles Robert is active in community leadership, chairing and serving on several non-profit boards demonstrating a commitment to education, assisting those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and supporting the non-profit leaders of our community. Charles Robert and his wife, Sacha, have four kids (ages 13-5).

Charles Robert believes Nashville is headed in the right direction, but he also knows that we have important challenges that must be addressed in collaborative, responsible ways that engage the whole city. As our next mayor, Charles Robert is prepared to think boldly and is passionate about making sure people from all corners of Davidson County feel represented in the mayor's office.


These answers were provided by the candidate with word limits for each one.

What's the single, most important issue facing Nashville?

I believe the prioritization of our children must remain Nashville's most important priority – both during the time when they're in school and when they're not. From education to transit to affordable housing, Nashville's focus should be on improving educational outcomes for children and employment opportunities for their families.

Could you identify the top three areas where Nashville needs to see change, and how you can help with the change?

My vision is very straightforward: we pursue an education system that says every child matters; we embrace an economic development strategy that says every family matters; and we develop a transit and infrastructure plan that says every neighborhood and every community matters. As mayor, I'm committed to boldly sustaining our momentum, while also recognizing that not everyone has benefited the same. I will keep my foot on the gas to benefit all of our unique neighborhoods and communities.

Our opportunity, as well as our obligation, now is to purposefully extend the footprint of Nashville's prosperity and the reach of our incredible momentum. As we reinvest the dividends from the public investments of the last two decades, we can dramatically break generational cycles of poverty and empower each of our unique communities. The prioritization of a citywide economic development strategy is key to each component of my vision. As mayor, I will empower and provide financial support to each of our communities to assist them in designing individualized, community-focused plans that not only seek to improve our schools, transit system, and infrastructure, but also that expand the footprint of prosperity for the benefit of the entire county.

In what particular area do you stand out as a mayoral candidate? How will this serve you well as mayor?

I have real-world business experience, and understand that the government cannot take job creation by businesses for granted. I have experience with the business of Metro government, and understand that this is a complicated $1.9 billion business. Sacha and I see Nashville through our children's eyes. We see the city we want them to grow up in, but also the community we want for them fifty years from now. I want to be mayor because I want to execute on a vision to keep our momentum going in a responsible way, but also diversify that prosperity in all of Nashville.

Why should a young person in Nashville consider voting for you?

I want to see us do everything we can to purposefully continue our momentum, diversify, and act strategically so that every young person, every family, and every community prospers. I'm committed to solving our transit issues, prioritizing affordable housing, improving education, and ensuring we retain and recruit sustainable jobs in Nashville.

Who is your favorite music artist?

Jay Z

In the Press

These quotations were sourced from the candidate's comments through press and forums.

On Education:

"If everything goes right for the pro-charter movement, which I'm prepared to help them, that's gonna be 10 to 12 percent of our kids. What do we do, at the end of the day, about the other 75,000 kids, 60,000 of which qualify for free or reduced lunch, 45,000 of which are not reading at grade level and 20,000 of which do not speak English as their first language? I'm OK with charter schools, but that's just a small part of the answer, it's not the entire answer."


On Public Transit:

"As Nashville continues to grow, thrive, and attract new residents and developments, congestion and an amplified need for mobility also increases. We are in serious need of solutions that are both local and short-term on the one hand and regional and long-term on the other. As mayor, I will build off of the MTA Strategic Plan to execute a local plan that goes corridor by corridor recognizing the uniqueness and needs of each of Nashville’s neighborhoods and communities. It's also critical that everyone in Nashville is considered as we look to make our current transportation system more dependable. With our current MTA system at only 15% capacity and our "choice ridership" at only 32%, we know we must make the current system more reliable and efficient. I will work to build further consensus within the region to pursue a long-term regional plan that is based on a high-capacity, high performance regional transportation system."


On Affordable Housing:

"As mayor, I will commit to making affordable housing a priority for Nashville and its neighborhoods and communities going forward. This will require new solutions including a variety of programs and incentives from increasing our financial commitment to the Barnes Housing Fund to leveraging federal and community funds through MDHA to working with both our for-profit and non-profit developers to increase the amount of available housing. I'm committed to ensuring that we're building the right kind of units, that they remain affordable and that they're being built, developed, and contracted, in large part, by locally-owned businesses right here in Nashville. With respect to gentrification, growth and new development should be for the purpose of stabilizing neighborhoods. As we make public investments and encourage private investments in our neighborhoods and communities, this needs to be for the benefit of those that are there first and foremost."



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